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Crisis Resilient Urban Futures - The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities 2023

The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities Report 2023 entitled, Crisis Resilient Urban Futures, is a comprehensive analysis and assessment of sustainable urban development in the Asia and Pacific region at a time of great disruption and uncertainty resulting from multiple interlinked global crises in a post-pandemic era.

This report aims to provide valuable insights into the spatial, economic, social, environmental and governance aspects of cities, offering holistic policy recommendations towards a sustainable urban recovery from these crises.

Understanding the dynamics and characteristics of the region’s cities is crucial for national and local governments, businesses, local communities, researchers and urban planners. With this report, ESCAP and UN-Habitat continue their collaboration to provide an updated, reliable resource for decision-makers seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the trends, challenges and future opportunities within the Asia-Pacific cities landscape.

The report builds on three previous editions in this series, each of which explored the key existing and emerging trends in urban development within the region. It continues the forward-looking perspective, capturing the transformative messages of the New Urban Agenda (2016) with the current edition setting a much-needed agenda for a sustainable urban recovery across the region.