CPR workinggroup

The Committee of Permanent Representatives at  its 57th regular meeting held in June 2015,  formally established the working group on programme and budget in accordance with Governing Council resolution 25/7 on UN-Habitat governance reform. The Committee also endorsed the list of regional representatives to the working group, consisting of 15 member States, with three member States representing each of the five regional groupings as follows:

  1.                    African States:                                                     Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa
  2.                    Asia-Pacific States:                                             China, Iraq, Japan
  3.                    Eastern European States:                                  Hungary, Poland, Romania
  4.                     Latin American and Caribbean States:          Argentina, Brazil, Mexico
  5.                     Western European and other States:               Germany, Norway, United States of America

The working group adopted a rotating chairship among the regional groupings as follows:

PeriodGroup Chair
July–December 2015Western European and other States: United States of America
January–June 2016African States: South Africa/Kenya
July–February 2016Asia-Pacific States: Iraq
February–August 2017Eastern European States: Romania


Participation in the meetings of the working group has been, and continues to be, open to all member States.

Since its establishment, the working group has held four formal meetings, in September 2015 in March 2016, October 2016 and in February 2017. In addition, the working group held nine informal meetings between June 2015 and January 2017. The working group reports to the Committee through its chair at every regular meeting of the Committee.

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