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Country Activities Report 2019: Supporting the New Urban Agenda

The Country Activities Report 2019 provides an evolving picture of UN-Habitat’s projects and programmes portfolio from 2018 onwards. It opens a window on the most recent activities taking place on the ground. In that connection, its scope is restricted to featuring digestible information on selected ongoing activities supporting an effective and timely delivery on UN-Habitat’s mandate.

The main objective of the present “Country Activities Report (CAR) 2019” is to ensure that member States are adequately informed about UN-Habitat’s projects portfolio and the progress made in implementing our activities at country level in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals. This is pursuant to resolution 5/5 of the Commission on Human Settlements1, which called for an information document highlighting the Agency’s ongoing interventions and providing evidence of achievements so far. Previously known as UN-Habitat’s “Operational Activities Report”, this document has been an integral part of the mandatory documentation prepared by the Secretariat for consideration by the Governing Council since its establishment in 2001.