Consultative Leadership Workshop for Quang Nam PDSOn 6 September 2011, the Consultative Leadership Workshop for the Quang Nam Provincial Development Strategy was held in Tam Ky City, Quang Nam province by the Provincial Propaganda Department, Planning & Investment Department of Quang Nam Province, UN-HABITAT, Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration (HCMA) along with Portland State University from America. The workshop lasted for 3 days with participation of representatives from provincial department, committee, districts and provincial cities.

"Main purposes of the workshop are to facilitate a strategy dialogue between Quang Nam leading officials and key stakeholders on the main elements of the PDS, to learn how to apply several practical leadership tools from the new EMERGE framework for accelerating the successful realization of the Quang Nam PDS and to improve provincial and local ownership in the formulation and implementation of the Quang Nam PDS ", said Nguyen Quang, Habitat Pregramme Manager.

This workshop is in the Project of Quang Nam Development Strategy Establishment implemented by UN-HABITAT Vietnam, in which giving out a clear development strategy for local authorities and people, in order to balance development targets and sustainability.

Ngo Huy Duc, Director institute of political science, HCMA said: Globalization brings in policy and political challenges which are more and more complex and unusual. Political system's reply needs to be based on its cultural, historical and institutional characteristics. A leadership framework is required to deal with these difficulties. Theoretical framework reflects the complexity and fluctuation of new difficulties, thus, an active system approach to leadership is needed. It is established on the basis that accounts characteristics of Vietnam political system, in which emphasizes on "theory attached with practice". "Leadership is a value-centered and shared process that engages leaders in relationship with followers in the purposeful advancement of the human and ecological condition, i.e., the common good."

By various propaganda forms such as video clip, direct discussions, presentation, the workshop provides 6 useful tools to deal with difficulties. They are leadership opportunity seeking tool, the leadership role profile Tool, standardization tool, strategic steering tool, inspiration tool and coalition tool.

Consultative Leadership Workshop for Quang Nam PDS1Mr. Tran Kim Hung, Standing officer of Quang Nam's People Committee said: "In my point of view, the main challenge of Quang Nam province lies in disqualified planning quality. We need to convert these challenges to opportunities, meaning that how to obtain qualified planning along with provincial long-term development, including vision of industry development and restructure, ideas and targets for modern industrial development of Quang Nam by 2020. This course provides us knowledge concerning leadership skills preparation and their application in locality. From that, hopefully, Quang Nam province will have a qualified socio-eco development plan; we may employ experts to change the planning procedure. Actually, this course helps me to realize those".

"The workshop is useful for provincial leading officials in approaching and applying new leadership and strategic management tools. It is a chance to meet, discuss and learn from each other among scientists, officers, leaders, between science and practice in order to make theoretical supplementation and promote provincial development" – Mr. Ngo Van Hung, Section Head of Quang Nam Propaganda Department concluded.