Blue Economy Status Report
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UN-Habitat | WIOMSA

Coastal Cities of the Western Indian Ocean Region and the Blue Economy: Status Report

Coastal cities are gateways of trade and transport for countries in the WIO region and sites of key blue economy activity and infrastructure including ports, airports, hotels and fish markets, as well as providing the workforce that supports key blue economy sectors.

UN-Habitat commissioned Arup to prepare a portfolio of six reports:

  • Four blue city economy case studies;
  • A ‘Status Report’ which outlines more broadly the current situation concerning the blue economy in coastal cities across the region; and
  • A ‘Roadmap for the Development of the Blue Economy in Coastal Cities’, which provides recommendations for cities in current and future blue economy planning, activities and investment.

These reports offer knowledge resources for city and national government stakeholders, WIOMSA, UN-Habitat, private sector and civil society. Each case study provides specific blue economy recommendations for that city, focusing on strategic and operational opportunities for the city and its blue economy stakeholders, informed by primary and secondary research. Key points and recommendations from each case study have also been extracted and integrated into the main body of the Status Report, which has, in turn, informed the Roadmap.

The Roadmap provides strategic and operational blue economy recommendations across case study cities, which stakeholders are encouraged to also read and consider with respect to their city or region.