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Citywide Strategic Planning , A step by step guide

Citywide Strategic Planning articulates the necessary ingredients for initiating and implementing a planning process that focuses on a set of strategic issues of principal importance for sustainable urban development. The guide presents the citywide strategic planning rationale and approach. Three main questions are addressed – where are we today? - where do we want to be? -how do we get there? 

Conceived as a land tool, this guide shows you why and how focusing on strategic issues that can change the face of the whole metropolitan area has several social, institutional and economic benefits. This guide draws lessons from various practices and experiences. It takes you through the necessary steps on how to initiate and sustain a comprehensive planning process, resulting in a citywide strategic plan.

The guideline is generic; in a given planning situation, modifications should be made to adapt to the local situation. This guide can never replace the devoted, innovative and constructive thinking of involved politicians, technicians and stakeholders, or the dreams and aspirations of the public at large. Urban planners, decision makers at the metropolitan level, development partners, land professionals, grassroots communities, national and local leaders will find this guideline helpful in carrying out their duties.