City-to-City Partnership: Zurich and Tyre Rapid Survey Results
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City-to-City Partnership: Zurich and Tyre Rapid Survey Results

Since 2017, UN-Habitat has facilitated a city-to-city partnership between Zurich and Tyre with the aim of supporting the Municipality of Tyre with knowledge and expertise related to best practices for mobility and social cohesion between host and refugee communities.

In Lebanon’s current context where fuel shortages have made daily errands such as grocery shopping and commuting a hassle, the implementation of two bike stations in Massaken and Tyre through this partnership have served as a viable alternative to people – including host, refugee and migrant communities. The bike-sharing stations aim to nurture a move towards diversifying transportation options in the city, and hopefully across Lebanon in the years to come

To understand the usage trends of the bike stations, UN-Habitat conducted a rapid survey. Download this publication to see its results and understand the project’s objectives.