City profile for strategic urban plan of El Maragha city (المنظور التنموي للمخطط الاستراتيجي لمدينة المراغة)

By on 07/14/2016

El MaraghaSohag province, is one of five provinces comprising the Southern Region level next to each of the governorates of Aswan – Red Sea – Qena – Luxor. Sohag province, located at north of the southern administrative region and bordered with Assiut at north, Qena at south, Red Sea at east & New Valley at west. The province is the third in the region in terms of area and the first in terms of population. City of Maragha consists of five local units, 23 villages and 100 Nagaa.

El Maragha - المنظور التنموي للمخطط الاستراتيجي لمدينة بركة السبع

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