UN-Habitat projects in Cape Verde

Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme

The Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme is being implemented with a focus on the development and adoption of inclusive policies and strategies for slum upgrading in line with the PSUP principles and contributing to the achievement of MDG targets 7 c and d. The Programme aims to strengthen community, city and national key stakeholders’ capacities in participatory slum upgrading in the Republic of Cape Verde, particularly in the selected cities of Praia, Pedra Badejo and Espargos, thus adding value to the development of policy, institutional, legislative, and financial frameworks.

  • Implementation Phase: Phase II
  • Duration: 2008 – December 2015
  • Value: US$135,000
  • Donor: European Commission and, the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Secretariat
  • Implementing Partners: UN – Habitat and the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Planning
  • Profile cities/ location: Cities of Praia, Pedra Badejo and Espargos