UP TO USD 57,000

Reference No.: CP/1-2022/PFES-Go Blue/Kenya

Deadline: 21st October 2022 [Close of Business, East African Time]


  1. The Project:

UN-Habitat Go Blue project is part of a partnership program between the EU, the Government of Kenya and UN-Environment Program (UNEP). This program aims to advance the Blue Economy Agenda through Coastal Development.

The project is announcing a Call for Proposals (CP) to identify an Implementing Partner for its regional spatial planning activities in Kenya. The cooperation will focus on delivering the project’s “Integrated, Ecosystem-based Land-sea Regional Framework”, covering the Coastal region of Kenya. This region comprises the counties of Kilifi, Kwale, Lamu, Mombasa, Taita Taveta and Tana River. The six counties make up the umbrella organization of Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani (JKP) or the Coastal Counties Economic Bloc.


2.0. Tasks to be Performed by the Implementing Partner:

UN -Habitat is seeking to enter an Agreement of Cooperation (AoC) with a qualified Implementing Partner (IP). The project will fund the successful IP [Refer to item 5.0 of this CP] to deliver the following tasks:

  1. Reviewing, with the support of local experts, key policies, legislation, strategies, guidelines, and tested practices across contexts in relation to regional planning.
  2. Reviewing, with the support of local experts, Kenyan national policies, legislations, and practices in the fields of marine protection, marine planning, and urban planning.
  3. Analyzing capacity and gaps and opportunities, including partnerships and collaborations in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Land- Sea Planning (LSP) in Kenya.
  4. Identifying gaps and opportunities for integrating MSP with LSP and management in the Kenya Coast and proposing strategies to overcome challenges relating to:
    • Working across different counties and administrative levels with different approaches to marine space.
    • Linking LSP and MSP processes that may be at different stages across the land-sea interface.
  5. Interviewing and meetings with identified stakeholders for their participation in production of the strategy and to better understand the context for the framework application and its application in the Regional Vision and Strategy.
  6. Conducting regular meetings with UN-Habitat and UNEP Go Blue Planning Coordinators regarding the status of advancement of the work.
  7. Formulating and Presenting the Draft Strategy for technical review to the JKP and Go Blue team. 
  8. Conducting two virtual Expert Group Meetings with selected experts to validate the first draft of the framework and the final draft.
  9. Drafting the final Strategy- the Integrated, Ecosystem-based land-sea Regional Framework and
  10. Supervising the Go Blue team in the Regional Vision and Strategy drafting.


3.0. Eligibility and Qualifications:

The applying organization must be a government organization or a Non-Profit organization. The applications must provide:

  • Name of the organization, address, and physical location.
  • Specify type of the organization and provide supporting documents

The application to demonstrate qualification as per the following aspects:

  • Technical Capacity and Track Record, in formulating regional spatial development frameworks (SDFs), research for development planning and spatial analysis, facilitating stakeholder engagements, and regional development policies. In response to this, provide a brief technical proposal and refer to item 2.0 of this CP.
  • Staff and Operational Capacity- This includes specifying expertise available, experiences with similar projects, and experience of implementing similar projects in developing countries, especially African contexts. The ability to mobilize local operations should be demonstrated.
  • Demonstrate Project Administration Capacity, including specifying project management within the organization after contracting.
  • Demonstrate Financial Capacity- Provide a brief financial proposal based on the tasks listed under item 2.0 of this CP and the applicant’s technical proposal, and as per the budget limit specified under item 5.0 of this CP. Specify the management of project funds following contracting and disbursement to the organization. Also indicate the financial sustainability of the organization (includes attaching annual reports).
  • Participation in partnership projects involving Governments, UN organizations and other International Organizations in the development field.
  • Provide any relevant supporting document such as links to projects done before or ongoing, publications, and further information including stating the potential to offer in-kind contribution if selected.


4.0. Application:

The applicant’s proposal and accompanying documents must indicate the CP reference: CP/1-2022/PFES-Go Blue/Kenya.

Submit the CP application by email to the attention of Salvatore Fundaro via and Elizabeth Okongo via, and copied to Baraka Mwau via

The submission email subject to read only as: CP/1-2022/PFES-Go Blue/Kenya


5.0. Financing:

UN- Habitat, through this project, will avail up to USD 57,000 to the successful applicant. The fund will be utilized as per the Agreement of Cooperation.

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