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NOTE: you may not nominate yourself, your own organization, programme, institute, or project. A ministry cannot nominate its own projects or programmes.

Details of the nomination (project, individual or organization)

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Outlining main achievements

Provide substantive information about the organization or individual nominated, including their mission, goals, history, and years of experience in the field of human settlements
Situation or problem addressed, objectives, target beneficiaries, investment in the project in terms of capacity, material and financial resources, activities undertaken, duration of the project, achievements, and outputs:
List partners and their roles and levels of participation in the planning, design, implementation, and funding of the project:
Estimated number of beneficiaries, types of beneficiaries (e.g. women, children, people living in poverty, victims of displacements, etc.), impact on the living conditions of beneficiaries (e.g. social, economic, environmental, health, education, employment, security of tenure, crime, etc.), providing quantitative and qualitative values:
Indicate whether this is replicable best practice, demonstrate potential for replication at local, national, regional, and global level. Explain the process of replication, where applicable:
Describe the main innovation aspects and provide a list of references, articles, publications, and media reports about the initiative starting with the most recent ones:
Describe how best practice initiatives are related to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 on sustainable cities and communities, especially to any of its 10 targets or 15 indicators:
Describe how the initiative is related to the World Habitat Day theme “Engaging youth to create a better urban future” and how cities play a major role in economic recovery after crises (e.g. conflicts, pandemic):
Describe any efforts or activities that align with or assist in achieving the goals of the 2030 Agenda:
Media coverage (news story links, online documents, etc - kindly share live supporting links):
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Videos and/or photos of your outputs (YouTube, Flickr, URL, etc - kindly share live supporting links):
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