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United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

Call for Expressions of Interest for Implementing PartnersConstruction of a Model Multifunctional Clean Energy Center in Cameroon:Demonstration Energy Efficiency Building Project

Date first published: 14 July 2016

Deadline for submissions of EoIs: 28 July 2016

1. Introduction

The rapid population growth, increasing urbanization and continued rural to urban migration in African’s countries have trigger an exponential increase of the demand for energy for both domestic and industrial uses. African countries have the highest annual urbanization rate in the world, estimated at 4.5% which results to increase demand for basic services such as proper sanitation, clean and affordable energy in poor urban area. Majority of modern buildings in Africa do not incorporate energy efficiency measures. This has resulted in major wastage of energy in the built environment.

Access to proper sanitation is a basic human right; however, many people in developing countries continue to have limited access to basic services. It is estimated that 3 billion of world population live in very deplorable conditions with no access to clean water, proper sanitation and lack of basic infrastructure. Access to a clean sanitation facility in urban area remains a major challenge to local government. Furthermore, access to electricity remains very limited: about 1.3 Billion people around the world live without modern electricity.

UN-Habitat through its Urban Energy Unit has developed the concept of Multifunctional Clean Energy Centre, aiming at addressing: the poor building design, the poor sanitation services for the public and the access to clean and reliable energy services in urban areas.

2. Objective

The main objective of this project is to build a Multifunctional Clean Energy Centre to promote access to basic services and clean energy (biogas system and solar energy) in urban areas. The project will serve as a demonstration center for sustainable building design, renewable energy and provision of sanitation service through a public toilet.

3. Activities

The main activities of the project are the construction/installation of a multifunctional clean energy center in one of the secondary town in Cameroon which includes not limited to the following components:

(i) Construction of the Multifunctional Clean Energy Centre – designed by UN-Habitat;

(ii) Installation of renewable energy systems: biogas and solar systems. The building will be an energy plus building meaning that it will generate its own energy through solar energy and biogas system.

(iii) Construction of cooking facilities linked to the biogas system (Bio-digester 100m3 capacity). The biogas can be utilized directly for cooking and the community can benefit from the public kitchen space.

(iv) Installation of solar panel energy: Solar PV elements will be used for normal applications including lighting, recharging of mobile phone, lanterns etc.

(v) Training on operation and maintenance of the systems.

4. Budget

UN-Habitat will contribute a maximum of USD 35,000 towards the implementation of the project which will be executed through an Agreement of Cooperation

5. Overall Timeframe

The work outlined in this EOI is scheduled to commence by 1 August 2016 and completed within 6 months.UN-Habitat invites Expressions of Interest from Not-for-Profit Organizations including international NGOs and Governmental organisations. The EOI should contain, but need not be limited to the following:

(i) Overall experience of the organization in the area of energy efficiency and sustainable energy;

(ii) The support/ contribution the organization is willing to make including, cash and in kind; (contribution in terms of staff time, office space and equipment and other support in cash and in-kind should be expressed in monetary terms) ; and

(iii) Copies of statement of annual budget and annual reports of the previous 2 years.

6. Submission Requirements and Guidelines

Expression of Interest must be delivered in electronic format no later than 28 July 2015 to the e-mail addresses given and

EOIs received on or before the 28th July 2015 deadline shall be evaluated and implementing partners who are deemed qualified will be shortlisted. The shortlisted implementing partners shall subsequently receive the final solicitation document for the submission of full proposals for the Agreement of Cooperation.

7. Contact InformationSouleymane Diawara Team Assistant Urban Energy Unit, UN-Habitat

8. Other

Please note that this EOI notice does not constitute a solicitation. UN-Habitat reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement at any time in the Expressions of Interest/or solicitation process. Submitting a reply to an EOI does not guarantee that a Cooperation Partner will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued and only Implementing Partners who are deemed qualified by UN-Habitat upon completion of evaluation of submission, will receive the final solicitation document.