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United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

Call for Expressions of Interest for Cooperation Partners for Agreement of Cooperation

Building Capacity for Bus Rapid Transit Planning and Modernisation of Existing Transport Industry

Date first published: 31 July 2018

Deadline for submissions of EoIs: 21 August 2018



Bus Rapid Transit systems are emerging as a viable solution in many cities that are facing the difficulties of traffic congestion. BRT can achieve high capacity and speed at relatively low cost by combining dedicated bus-lanes, off –board fare collection, platform level boarding and bus priority at intersections. BRT systems can be established with relatively smaller capital investments and more quickly than other urban transportation systems such as Metro and Light rail. To maximize its benefits and to achieve “last and first mile connectivity”, BRT should be properly integrated with better facilities for walking and cycling. UN-Habitat has commenced a feasibility study of the first BRT demonstration corridor in Cairo. In collaboration with UN Women, UN-Habitat is currently conducting feasibility studies for two BRT corridors as well as a study of gender aspects of mobility to enable better mobility and accessibility of women and vulnerable groups.

  1. “Study Tour Package” to Bus Rapid Transit in Bogota, Colombia

Following a recent study tour conducted for officials of the Government of Egypt, to Bogota, Colombia, where participants gained an understanding of the Transmilieno BRT system in Bogota, UN-Habitat would like to invite Expressions of Interest for the following:

  • Develop a package of comprehensive training materials based on a functional BRT system; detailing the steps from conception to commissioning and operations and maintenance;
  • A “course plan” setting out a sequence and corresponding course materials and learning exercises;
  • A compilation of selected case studies of experiences to highlight the transformation of current public transport industry to a modern public transport system;
  • A two-hour webinar on BRT and modern public transport system including integration of public transport with better facilities for walking and cycling; targeting participants from about three countries;  

The EOI should contain, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Overall experience of the organization in the area of interest;
  2. A short conceptual proposal on how the organisation plans to develop and implement this initiative;
  3. The support/ contribution the organization is willing to make including, cash and in kind; (contribution in terms of staff time, office space and equipment and other support in cash and in-kind should be expressed in monetary terms) 
  4. Copies of statement of annual budget and annual report of the previous 5 years;
  5. Copy of two latest audited financial reports, and
  6. Governance and organizational structure; experience and qualifications of key professional staff and infrastructure facilities of the organization.

Background and relevant documents related to UN-Habitat’s work on Sustainable Mobility can be found at the following link:

  1. Overall Timeframe

The work outlined in this EOI is scheduled to commence in September 2018 and to be completed by October 2018.

  1. Submission Requirements

Expression of Interest must be delivered in electronic format no later than 21 August 2018 to the e-mail addresses given below:

 Contact Information

Debashish Bhattacharjee

Human Settlements Officer - Lead, Urban Mobility

Urban Basic Services Branch

United Nations Human Settlements Programme


P.O. Box 30030, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel :254-20-7625288; 7624143

Mobile : 254-738496168



  1. Other

Please note that this EOI notice does not constitute a solicitation. UN-Habitat reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement at any time in the Expressions of Interest/or solicitation process.

Submitting a reply to an EOI does not guarantee that a Cooperation Partner will be considered for receipt of the solicitation when issued and only Cooperation Partners who are deemed qualified by UN-Habitat upon completion of evaluation of submission, will receive the final solicitation document.