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    Uganda: National Urban Profile

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    Uganda is a landlocked country, lying astride the equator in East Central Africa occupying 241,551 square kilometres, 18 percent of which is composed of inland waters and permanent wetlands. It is closely linked by economic and colonial history to Kenya in the east and Tanzania in the south. To the North and West lie the Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) respectively and further Southwest lies Rwanda.

    The constitution of the republic of Uganda provides the overall legal basis for government to plan and implement government programmes for the country. The challenge of uplifting the livelihoods and quality of life of the people draws its impetus from international development commitments to which Uganda is party, and clearly pronounced in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) whose targets are interfaced with Uganda’s shared vision, sector priorities and plans.


    Series: Urban Profiles
    Years: 2012
    Collections: Urban Profiles
    Publisher: UN-HABITAT
    HS Number: 028/12E
    No of Pages: 74
    ISBN: 9789211324433

    Uganda National Urban Profile

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