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The Challenge of Slums – Global Report on Human Settlements 2003

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GRHS 2003


The Challenge of Slums presents the first global assessment of slums, emphasizing their problems and prospects. It presents estimates of the numbers of urban slum dwellers and examines the factors that underlie the formation of slums, as well as their social, spatial and economic characteristics and dynamics. It also evaluates the principal policy responses to the slum challenge of the last few decades. The report argues that the number of slum dwellers is growing and will continue to increase unless there is serious and concerted action by all relevant stakeholders. The report points the way forward and identifies the most promising approaches to achieving the Millennium Declaration target on improving the lives of slum dwellers.  

Series: Global Report on Human Settlements
Years: 2003
Flagships: Global Report on Human Settlements
Publisher: UN-Habitat
HS Number: HS/686/03E
No of Pages: 345
ISBN: 978-1-84407-037-4

The Challenge of Slums - Global Report on Human Settlements 2003

The Challenge of Slums - Global Report on Human Settlements 2003 0.00 KB 12721 downloads
Case Studies
Press Kit
Foreword           En | Fr

Introduction           En | Fr

City of Mercy           En | Fr

Did you Know?           En | Fr

Slum Dwellers to double by 2030:Millennium Development Goal Could Fall Short           En | Fr

Globalisation and the Poor: Poverty Amid Affluence           En | Fr

Inclusive Cities Remain Elusive           En | Fr

Today’s Slums: Myths versus Reality           En | Fr

What are slums and why do they exist?           En | Fr

Beyond Eviction: The Importance of Secure Tenure to Slum Upgrading           En | Fr

The Lives of Women in Slums           En | Fr

Slums: Past, Present and Future           En | Fr

Do’s and Dont’s of Slum Policy etc.           En | Fr

Civil Society Organizes against forced evictions in Metro Manila etc.           En | Fr

Participatory Relocation in Samambaia, Brazil           En | Fr

Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI)           En | Fr

Slum dwellers by region, 2001           En | Fr

Total, urban and estimated slum population by major region, 2001           En | Fr


Foreword, Introduction, etc. (288 KB)

Part I. Sharpening the Global Development Agenda (611 KB)
               Chapter 1.           Development Context and the Millennium Agenda: revised and updated version, April 2010 (197 KB)
                Chapter 2.           Urbanization Trends and Forces Shaping Slums
                Chapter 3.           Cities and Slums within Globalizing Economies

Part II. Assessing Slums in the Development Context (532 KB)
                Chapter 4.           Social Dimensions
                Chapter 5.           Territoriality and Spatial Forms
                Chapter 6.           Economic Dynamics

Part III: Searching for Adequate Policy Responses and Actions (514 KB)
                Chapter 7.           New Policy Developments at the National and Global Levels
                Chapter 8.           Civil Society in Action
                Chapter 9.           Towards Inclusive Cities: Reconsidering Development Priorities
                Epilogue:             Looking Forward – Moving Ahead

Part IV. Summary of City Case Studies (247 KB)

Part V. Statistical Annex (408 KB)

References and Index (209 KB)

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