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Sustaining Urban Land Information

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This document is intended to support the development of information about land (use, access, ownership, taxation, value, transfer and development potential) in a sustainable and effective way to facilitate urban land management. This framework draws on a range of field operations by UN-Habitat and others. It is the culmination of lessons learnt from a number of case studies covering a variety of developing and post-conflict countries (UN-Habitat, 2012).

The study of countries’ experiences, based on the framework, focused on three main urban land management applications, namely: land administration (security of tenure and property administration), spatial planning (including regional and urban planning, settlement upgrading and regularization) and environmental management and planning. This framework is developed as a normative product in line with UN-Habitat’s Medium Term Strategic and Institutional Plan (MTSIP) and its Enhanced Normative and Operational Framework (ENOF).



Authors: ,
Series: Securing Land and Property Rights for All
Years: 2012
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
HS Number: 116/12E
No of Pages: 27
ISBN: 9789211325300

Sustaining Urban Land Information

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