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Papua New Guinea: Kokopo Urban Profile

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Kokopo is the main administrative, commercial and educational centre for Papua New Guinea’s East New Britain province and the New Guinea Islands region. It has grown rapidly over the last 13 years from a small district town to becoming the fourth largest city in the country. It has a population of approximately 23,000 people (both urban and rural).

The formal areas of the city are well served with urban services like water, energy, sanitation, refuse collection, and road network. This is not the same however for the settlements and rural villages and people from these areas often resort to illegal means to access services. Kokopo will continue to grow due to its strategic location in the New Guinea Islands region and the rich agricultural base of the rural hinterland of the province.


Series: Urban Profiles
Years: 2010
Collections: Urban Profiles
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
HS Number: 1258/09E
No of Pages: 40
ISBN: 9789211322408

Papua New Guinea: Kokopo City profile

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