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Nepal Country Impact Study , Document 03

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This document is an internal Nepal country impact study of initiatives supported by UN-HABITAT’s Water and Sanitation Trust Fund (WSTF) undertaken by a team of international consultants. The objective of the WSTF is to bring in new investment and ideas, expand service coverage for poor urban dwellers, and help build momentum for achieving the MDGs. 
UN-HABITAT is a newcomer to the Urban WATSAN sector in Nepal, but has managed to establish itself as a notable development partner in this field. UNHABITAT’s comparative advantage is its focus on the complex problem of the urban poor, the ability to integrate WSS approaches across the urban sector, and community involvement from the outset of the project.


Series: Impact Study
Years: 2011
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
HS Number: 011/11E
No of Pages: 67
ISBN Series Number: 978-92-1-132035-0
ISBN: 978-92-1-132306-1

Nepal Country Impact Study

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