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Uganda: Kitgum Urban Profile

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Kitgum Town is located in Chua County and is bordered by Labongo Layamo to the west and north and Labongo Amida to the east and south. The town is steadily recovering from a long civil war and its growth is mainly as a result of its close proximity to Sudan which has enabled a lot of cross border business. The neighbouring districts of Pader, Lira and Gulu also contribute to Kitgum’s steady growth. Kitgum houses the district headquarters and is the major commercial hub of Kitgum district. The topography of the town is best described by its gentle slopping plains and hills.

Kitgum lies at an altitude of 937 meters above sea level (at the bank of Pager River). The main problems affecting the town include overpopulation, unemployment, lack of basic urban services, poor waste management, and urban poverty. Another major problem affecting Kitgum town is haphazard development due to lack of a physical development plan. Nevertheless, Kitgum Town Council’s mission is to provide and facilitate quality service delivery and economic empowerment of the urban poor, and to ensure orderly infrastructure development of the town.


Series: Urban Profiles
Years: 2012
Collections: Urban Profiles
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
HS Number: 030/12E
No of Pages: 56
ISBN: 9789211324457

Kitgum Urban Profile - Uganda

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