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Housing and Slum Upgrading; Gender issue guide

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Access to adequate housing is a fundamental human right and is enshrined in numerous international agreements and conventions. Yet millions of women and men continue to live in towns and cities without security of tenure and with inadequate housing and related services. This guide’s objectives are:

  • To increase understanding of gender concerns and needs in housing and slum upgrading 
  • To develop capacity to address gender issues in this area 
  • To encourage the integration of a gender perspective into policies, projects, and programmes for sustainable urban development 
  • To support the institutionalization of the culture of gender mainstreaming and gender equality, the implementation of gender-sensitive projects and programmes, and the monitoring of gender-mainstreaming progress.

Housing and Slum Upgrading

Download Series Title: Housing and Slum Upgrading 1.87 MB 3004 downloads
Series: Gender Issue Guide
Years: 2013
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
HS Number: 038/13E
No of Pages: 60