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Enhancing Urban Safety and Security: Global Report on Human Settlements, 2007

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GRHS 2007

Key Findings


Abridged Editions
Vol 1 | Vol 2 | Vol 3


Enhancing Urban Safety and Security addresses three major threats to the safety and security of cities: crime and violence; insecurity of tenure and forced evictions; and natural and human-made disasters. It analyses worldwide trends with respect to each of these threats, paying particular attention to their underlying causes and impacts, as well as to the good policies and best practices that have been adopted at the city, national and international levels in order to address these threats.

The report adopts a human security perspective, concerned with the safety and security of people rather than of states, and highlights issues that can be addressed through appropriate urban policy, planning, design and governance.


Series: Global Report on Human Settlements
Years: 2007
Flagships: Global Report on Human Settlements
Collections: GRHS 2007
Publisher: UN-Habitat
HS Number: 943/07E
ISBN: 978-18-4-407475-4

Global Report on Human Settlements 2007 - Enhancing Urban Safety and Security

Global Report on Human Settlements 2007 - Enhancing Urban Safety and Security 3.58 MB 4161 downloads
Background Studies

The Human Security Perspective

Enhancing urban safety and human security in Asia through the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security(78KB)

Crime and Violence

Effective crime prevention strategies and engagement with the planning process in Bradford, UK (145KB)

Effective crime prevention in Durban, South Africa (232KB)

Crime and violence in Hong Kong, China (317KB)

Trends in crime and violence in Kingston, Jamaica (273KB)

Crime and violence trends in Nairobi, Kenya (633KB)

Effective crime prevention in New York, US (395KB)

Crime and violence trends in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (140KB)

Crime and violence trends in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (362KB)

Effective crime prevention in Toronto, Canada (134KB)

Security of Tenure and Forced Evictions

Positive policies and legal responses to enhance security of tenure in Brazil (196 KB)

The struggle for tenure in Cambodia (252 KB)

Security of housing tenure in the People’s Republic of China (233 KB)

A place to live: A case study of the Ijora-Badia community in Lagos, Nigeria (184 KB)

An urban slice of pie: The Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act in South Africa (174 KB)

Strategies for survival: Security of tenure in Bangkok (183 KB)

Security of tenure in Istanbul: The triumph of the ‘self-service city’ (182 KB)

Natural and Human-Made Disasters

Lessons in risk reduction from Cuba (106KB)

Vulnerabilities exposed: The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami (138KB)

Disaster response and adaptation in Kobe, Japan (88KB)

Learning from the Mexico City earthquake (170KB)

Vulnerability to monsoon flooding in Mumbai, India (105KB)

The Dutch experience in flood management (68KB)

Implementing a national response plan for Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, US (89KB)

Press Kit

Foreword and Introduction 

Solutions at a Glance
              Securing tenure and ending forced evictions
              UN-Habitat’s Safer cities Programme

Crime and Violence: Facts and Figures

Crime and Violence at a glance
               Causes of crime and violence
               Crime’s young face
               Impacts of crime and violence
               Institutional responses to crime and violence
               Trends & types of crime and violence
               Urban planning & crime
               Impactos de la delincuencia y la violencia
               Planificación urbana & Criminalidad

City case studies
               Hong Kong: The world’s safest city?
               Nairobi: Crime and the city

Crime and violence: Boxes and graphs

Disaster: Facts & Figures   En | Sp

Disaster at a glance
              Coping with risk
              How urbanization shapes disaster risk
              Natural and Human-made disasters
              The economics of disasters
              Visión General – Cómo la urbanización potencia el riesgo de desastres

City case studies
               A tale of two Cities
               An “act of God” or human failure?
               Cuba: Lessons in risk reduction
               Estudios de caso – Cuba: Lecciones en reducción del riesgo          
               Estudio de ciudad – Rio de Janeiro: Riesgo en las favelas de Brasil.

Disaster: Boxes and Graphs

Secure Tenure

            Facts & Figures
            At a glance
            Boxes and graph
                          Growth of slum populations (1990–2020), Typology of land tenure and property rights
                          Canada, China, Zimbabwe


Foreword, Introduction, etc. (256 KB)

Part I. Understanding urban safety and security (424 KB)
               Chapter 1.           Current Threats to Urban Safety and Security
                Chapter 2.           Vulnerability, Risk and Resilience: Towards a Conceptual Framework
Part II. Urban Crime and Violence (696 KB)
               Chapter 3.           Urban Crime and Violence: Conditions and Trends
               Chapter 4.           Urban Crime and Violence: Policy Responses
Part III. Security of Tenure (408 KB)
                Chapter 5.           Security of Tenure: Conditions and Trends
                Chapter 6.           Policy Responses to Tenure Insecurity
Part IV. Natural and Human-Made Disasters (958 KB)
                Chapter 7.           Disaster Risk: Conditions, Trends and Impacts
               Chapter 8.           Policy Responses to Disaster Risk
                Chapter 9.           Small-Scale Hazards: The Case of Road Traffic Accidents
Part V. Towards Safer and More Secure Cities (507 KB)
                Chapter 10          Reducing Urban Crime and Violence
                Chapter 11.         Enhancing Tenure Security and Ending Forced Evictions
                Chapter 12.         Mitigating the Impacts of Disasters

Part VI. Summary of Case Studies (242 KB)

Part VII. Statistical Annex (538 KB)

References and Index (223 KB)

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