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Forced Evictions , Global Crisis, Global Solutions

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This report reviews the status of forced evictions globally through the work of UN-HABITAT, the Advisory Group on Forced Evictions to the Executive Director of UN-HABITAT, and other international actors. It describes and evaluates the important successes and significant challenges related to the prevention, monitoring and assessment of forced evictions. The political, normative, and operational processes necessary to reverse the continuing increase in forced evictions globally must be driven forward. This report goes some distance towards improving our understanding of the phenomenon in its outline of five of the most common causes of forced evictions, namely: urban development; large scale development projects; natural disasters and climate change; mega-events; and, evictions related to economic forces and the global financial crisis. Apart from providing a succinct global overview and analysis of the state of evictions today, UN-HABITAT also encourages readers to use the text as a practical tool to inform public policy decisions related to urban planning and development.


Years: 2011
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
No of Pages: 142
ISBN: 9789211323894

Forced Evictions , Global Crisis, Global Solutions Report

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