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Financing Urban Shelter – Global Report on Human Settlements

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GRHS 2005

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Abridged Report
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Financing Urban Shelter presents the first global assessment of housing finance systems, placing shelter and urban development challenges within the overall context of macroeconomic policies. The report describes and analyses housing finance conditions and trends in all regions of the world, including formal housing finance mechanisms, microfinance and community funding, highlighting their relevance to the upgrading of slums. Recent policy developments in the area of shelter finance are discussed at the international and national levels. The report also examines policy directions that could be taken to strengthen shelter finance systems, particularly with respect to realizing the Millennium Declaration target of improving the lives of slum dwellers.

Series: Global Report on Human Settlements
Years: 2005
Flagships: Global Report on Human Settlements
Collections: GRHS 2005
Publisher: UN-Habitat
HS Number: HS/752/05E
No of Pages: 246
ISBN: 978-92-1-131739-8

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Foreword, Introduction, etc. (409 KB)
Part I. Economic and Urban Development Context (513 KB)
          Chapter 1. Challenges of Sustainable Shelter Development in Macroeconomic Context
          Chapter 2. Shelter Policy and Finance: Retrospective Overview
          Chapter 3. Financing Urban Development
Part II. Shelter Finance: Assessment of Trends (819 KB)
          Chapter 4. Mortgage Finance: Institutions and Mechanisms
          Chapter 5. Financing for Social and Rental Housing
          Chapter 6. Small Loans: Shelter Microfinance
          Chapter 7. Community Funds
Part III: Towards Sustainable Shelter Finance Systems (419 KB)
          Chapter 8. Assessing Shelter Finance Systems
          Chapter 9. Policy Directions Towards Sustainable Urban Shelter Finance Systems
          Epilogue: Towards Sustainable Urban Shelter
Part IV. Statistical Annex (517 KB)
References and Index (141 KB)
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