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Cities in A Globalizing World – Global Report on Human Settlements 2001

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GRHS 2001


Cities in a Globalizing World presents a comprehensive review of the world’s cities and analyses the positive and negative impacts on human settlements of global trends towards social and economic integration. The report highlights the impacts of globalization in removing barriers and increasing the influence of market forces on policies and city development, including the increased isolation and marginalization of many, especially poor and vulnerable social groups.

It documents current housing and urban living conditions, and examines policies and initiatives for improved quality of life across all sectors of urban society. The report presents lessons for urban planning and management policies in support and promotion of inclusive cities and good urban governance.


Series: Global Report on Human Settlements
Years: 2001
Flagships: Global Report on Human Settlements
Publisher: UN-Habitat
HS Number: 621/01E
No of Pages: 383
ISBN: 978-1-85383-806-4

Cities in A Globalizing World - Global Report on Human Settlements 2001

Cities in A Globalizing World - Global Report on Human Settlements 2001 3.32 MB 3026 downloads
Foreword, Introduction, etc. (348 KB)

Part I. The Development Context: Changes and Challenges (488 KB)
               Chapter 1.           Development Contrasts in Human Settlements
               Chapter 2.           Urban Impacts of Globalization
               Chapter 3.           Framing Normative Policy Platforms

Part II. Emerging Approaches to Urban Governance and Politics (200 KB)
               Chapter 4.           The Changing Context and Directions of Urban Governance
               Chapter 5.           Politics of the Global City: Claiming Rights to Urban Spaces

Part III. Changes in Housing Finance and Shelter Delivery Systems (248 KB)
               Chapter 6.           The Developing Countries
               Chapter 7.           The Countries with Economies in Transition
               Chapter 8.           The Industrialized Countries

Part IV. Developments in the Urban Environment and Infrastructure (424 KB)
               Chapter 9.           Urban Health in the Developing Countries
               Chapter 10.         Assessments of the Urban Environment: Water Supply and Sanitation Services
               Chapter 11.         Impacts of Recent Trends on Urban Transport
               Chapter 12.         Energy Demands and Consumption
               Chapter 13.         Decentralization and Urban Infrastructure Management Capacity

Part V. Ensuring Development Prospects (1463 KB)
               Chapter 14          Building Capacity
               Chapter 15.         Strengthening Post-disaster Reconstruction of Human Settlements

Part VI. Building a Common Future (346 KB)
               Chapter 16.         Adequate Shelter for All: Strategic Foci
               Chapter 17.         Sustaining Human Settlements Development: Strategic Foci
               Epilogue:             Liveability of Cities in a Globalizing World

References (236 KB)

Part VII. Statistical Annex (438 KB)

Index(111 KB)

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