Municipality of Beirut - Beirut Explosion Rapid Assessment Report
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BEIRUT PORT EXPLOSIONS RESPONSE - Beirut Municipality Rapid Building-Level Damage Assessment

The Port of Beirut explosions (4 August 2020) resulted in extensive damage on multiple levels – the loss of life, injury and the destruction of vast tracts of urban fabric within the municipal boundaries of Beirut and Bourj Hammoud. Led by the Municipality and Governor of Beirut, UN-Habitat supported a rapid damage assessment at the building level (exterior visual survey).

The assessment covered all building types within an immediate 2km radius of the last, dividing them into four categories (total collapse, unsafe / evacuate, restricted use, safe/minor damage, unclassified) in order to understand the extent of damage, particularly structural impacts, as well as immediately identifying buildings at risk of collapse and in need of evacuation. The assessment provides a basis on which to formulate recovery and reconstruction measures, with regards to building damage rehabilitation.