Event date

Event Type: International Conference

Organization(s) hosting: 

  • UN-Habitat
  • Barcelona City Council

Venue: Different venues: Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Smart City Expo World Congress- Fira de Barcelona

Summary of event: From 12thto 16thNovember, Barcelona will be the core of the Resilience global discussion. The Barcelona Resilience Week is a common space for all partners and stakeholders with a strong component on how to bring awareness and knowledge to Action. 

Taking account of other events happening in Barcelona that same week (Smart City Expo World Congress, C40 Regional Meeting, etc.), the Barcelona Resilience Week will convene all activities and initiatives that build toward more resilient cities, with the aim of strengthening both development and humanitarian agendas.

The Barcelona Resilience Week will gather the principle international actors, together with city representatives, to bring answers to implementing urban challenges.  


Website: http://urbanresiliencehub.org/action/

Rosa Suriñach: surinach@un.org

Craig Laird: craig.laird@un.org

Gemma Noguera: gemma.noguera@un.org