cThe CitiesIPCC Cities and Climate Change Science Conference, held in Edmonton, Canada, March 5-7, created enhanced understanding of the impacts of climate change
at the urban level, the range of possible responses, and the role of cities in the implementation of the Paris Agreement and other international global agendas. The Conference was co-organized by UN-Habitat, UN Environment, Cities Alliance, C40, ICLEI, Future Earth, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the World Climate Research Programme, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and United Cities and Local Governments.
Key partners working on cities and climate change have laid down the foundations for The Science We Need for the Cities We Want (https://bit.ly/2Jn5wss). The goal is better informed city climate action and decision-making as a result of greater engagement between the policy, practice, and scientific communities working in urban areas.