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Apia, Samoa: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

The Apia, Samoa - Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (Abridged Report) is an output of the Cities and Climate Change Initiative activities in Apia, Samoa. This abridged report is based on the report titled: “Apia, Samoa – Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment” funded by the United Nations Development Account, and the Cities and Climate Change Initiative. Starting with a brief background of the city, this report addresses Apia’s climate change situation from a climate risk perspective that focuses on exposure to climate change hazards, socio-economic sensitivities and the adaptive capacities of the city and its stakeholders. Following the insights gained from clarifying the climate change challenges, the report proposes the key sectors for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in Apia. It finally recommends key actions to be undertaken as part of a comprehensive Apia responsestrategy, reinforcing priority adaptation options.