Annual Report 2023: Local action in a time of crises
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Annual Report 2023: Local action in a time of crises

In a world grappling with crises, cities emerge as pivotal agents of change. UN-Habitat’s 2023 report underscores the urgent need for urban transformation to tackle issues ranging from climate change to inequality, while emphasizing the pivotal role of cities in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

With over 70 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions emanating from urban areas, urgent urban transformation is imperative. The traditional urban development paradigms no longer suffice. Cities wield significant power, contributing over 70 per cent to the global GDP and crucial for achieving over 65 per cent of the SDGs.

However, challenges persist, notably the global housing crisis. In 2023, the UN Habitat Assembly recommitted to adequate housing as a fundamental human right, signaling determination to rejuvenate sustainable development efforts. At COP28, UN-Habitat emphasized the centrality of urbanization and local action in climate agendas. Looking forward, the UN Summit of the Future and the World Urban Forum will play critical roles in shaping urban agendas. Our future is undeniably urban, demanding immediate action to create a more equitable and sustainable world.