This is the fourteenth and final progress report on the implementation of the medium-term and institutional plan (MTSIP, 2008-2013. It captures cumulative progress made towards achievement of the planned results for the six year period, but focuses more specifically on progress made in 2013, in line with Governing Council Resolution 24/15 of April 2013. A more objective assessment of results achieved and progress made over the six year period are best determined through an end of MTSIP evaluation. The report provides information on progress achieved through the contributions of UN-Habitat and partners comprising governments, local authorities and other Habitat Agenda Partners, with the support of donors. In the spirit of the Paris Declaration of 2005, results are owned by countries and UN-Habitat, like other development partners, is one of multiple stakeholders contributing to the observed change.

This 2013 annual report presents detailed analytical information on the progress made towards achievement of each expected accomplishment for the six focus areas of the MTSIP, at global, regional and country levels. It indicates whether or not change occurred, if it did, how it is manifested, what UN-Habitat and partners did to contribute to the observed change, and the progress made towards each of the specific indicator targets. While the intention is not to describe all the activities and processes undertaken in 2013, there are narratives of some of the developments taking place which are indicative of progress towards the desired change in policy, condition, awareness, etc. Social change is a process that takes place over time and while ultimate goals may not have been achieved, certain activities and processes represent important milestones towards the desired change. The report includes a few success stories that demonstrate the impact of UN-Habitat’s intervention in people’s lives.