This is the 13th progress report on the implementation of the MTSIP, 2008-2013. It captures cumulative progress made towards achievement of the planned results of the MTSIP at country, regional and global levels in 2012. The report, which builds on the six monthly one for June 2012, also covers the reporting needs of the biennial work programme 2012-2013.

The report provides information on progress achieved through the contributions of UN-Habitat and its partners comprising governments, local authorities and other Habitat Agenda Partners, and with the support of donors. According to the Paris Declaration 2005, countries own results and UN-Habitat, like other development partners, contributes to the results.

This annual report presents progress made on organizational restructuring and other major transformational developments that took place up to December 2012. These are reported in detail in chapters 8 and 9 as well as in focus area 6. It reports on the progress made towards achieving planned MTSIP results by each focus area. It also describes on the utilization of allocated financial resources. The report facilitates learning on the basis of what is working and what is not working (therefore requires adjustment) thus providing a basis for accountability, management decision-making and performance improvement.