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Affordable Land and Housing in Europe and North America

This volume investigates the state of affordable land and housing in Europe and North America (countries that comprise the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). It explores the major trends in housing provision, conditions, availability, and quality; analyses housing policy responses and practices; and provides key recommendations for local, national and international policy initiatives that can increase affordable housing supply.

This volume demonstrates that housing affordability is a pervasive and escalating issue in European and North American countries. Rising socio-economic inequalities are gentrifying and dividing cities and making adequate housing unaffordable for low- and many middle-income households. The rental housing stock has been diminished in favour of home-ownership which is invariably more expensive and difficult to secure.

Furthermore, the need for essential maintenance and the high cost of services in post-war multi-storey housing in Eastern European countries is placing additional pressure on housing affordability in these countries.