Abjad Centre Highlights
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Abjad Centre Highlights

The booklet gives an overview of the Abjad Centre’s achievements since establishment in 2018 till date.

In the heart of Tabbaneh and on the demarcation line between Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen, ABJAD, the socio-cultural center was found, to be a safe place for all the residents. ABJAD works under the mission of targeting women, youth, and children to improve their lives quality, through life skills, vocational training, and activities that engage them in cultural and prevention programs based on human security principles.

ABJAD center is known as the rst communal center in Tabbaneh. The residents in the surrounding neighborhoods benet from a variety of activities that are offered either by ABJAD's team or external experts and partners. It is a space and sanctuary for citizens seeking protection-related support and personal development. It is a nest that fosters activities that improve human security through personal and economic empowerment for both the host and refugee communities.

Thanks to the combined efforts between UTOPIA Organization from one side, the three UN agencies _ UN-HABITAT, UNICEF, and UN Women, and the Municipality of Tripoli, ABJAD was created in Tabbaneh. The launching event took place on August 1st, 2018.