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A Training Course on Land, Property and Housing Rights in the Muslim World

This training course from the Global Land Tool Network is part of the Network’s activities on Islamic dimensions of land. In most Muslim countries Islamic law, principles and practices make an important contribution to shaping access to land.

GLTN therefore has as one of its objectives the identification and development of Islamic land tools and case studies through a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary and global process, owned by Muslims, but also including other civil society and development partners. The training course, designed as an introduction to the field, is divided into eight stand-alone Modules, intended for use across Muslim societies. It is generic in nature, encouraging local adaptations where applicable.

In addition to the Modules, the package includes a Guide for Facilitators and a set of annexes to drawn from during the training course. The target groups for the course are policy makers or an audience at beginners or undergraduate level without prerequisite knowledge of Islamic land law but having basic experience with land issues in the Muslim world.