2016 Cross-cutting Progress Re
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Cross-Cutting Issues Progress Report 2016

"The Cross-cutting Progress Report 2016 covers UN-Habitat’s activities and achievements, during the course of 2016, in the way of its four cross-cutting issues: climate change, gender, human rights, and youth. The Report presents an overview of the mandate and structure of each of the cross-cutting issues, as well as presenting case studies of the Agency’s work on the ground relating to these issues.

The four cross-cutting issues were formalised in 2013 and have since then increasingly worked toward joint normative efforts. For example, the Cross-cutting Project Markers were released in September 2015 and are applied to projects at the Project Advisory Group (PAG) to assess responsiveness to these issues in projects. As of September 2016 all Cross-cutting Project Markers have been uniformly applied by the Programme Division."