Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage


Indicator 11.4.1: Total expenditure (public and private) per capita spent on the preservation, protection and conservation of all cultural and natural heritage, by type of heritage (cultural, natural, mixed, World Heritage Centre designation), level of government (national, regional, and local/municipal), type of expenditure (operating expenditure/investment) and type of private funding (donations in kind, private non-profit sector, sponsorship)

This indicator illustrates how financial efforts/actions made by public authorities, both at the local, national and international levels, alone or in partnership with civil society organizations (CSO) and the private sector, to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage has a direct impact in making cities and human settlements more sustainable. This means that cultural resources and assets are safeguarded to keep attracting/to attract people (inhabitants, workers, tourists, etc.) and financial investments, to ultimately enhance the total amount of expenditure.


Our Work  

Rehabilitation of Dar al Consul Complex

Project is rehabilitating part of the old city of Jerusalem, both the open space plus the housing units above the vaulted area. Project aims to upgrade the heritage sight in the old City in a comprehensive manner that provides for housing upgrading for existing residents of the complex, preservation of the heritage, and development of an economic base of activities to promote usage of the historical site. 

Budget: Euro 3,300,000