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10 years of Global Public Space Programme – Annual Report 2022 and reflections on a Decade of Public Space

The publication showcases the work conducted by UN-Habitat’s Global Public Space Programme and its partners in 2022, while reflecting on the 10 years anniversary of the programme. As we celebrate ten years of UN-Habitat’s Global Public Space Programme, we renovate our mandate on promoting and advocating inclusive, safe and accessible, green and public spaces for all. We recognise the crucial role of public space in our cities’ ecosystems as an enabler for social cohesion, health and well-being, economic growth, democracy, climate resilience and equal society.

Over this decade of work, we have refined our interdisciplinary and multi-sectorial approach to promoting public space at the national, city, neighbourhood and local levels, engaging with several stakeholders and decision-makers. We have identified ten key entry points for impact to promote the dissemination of international agendas on public spaces and the localisation of SDG 11.7. Our entry points are digital engagement, climate resilience, gender response, child-friendly, governance, migration and refugees, crisis response, capacity building, universal accessibility and placemaking.

We renovate our intention to promote effective participation and capacity building, leveraging the opportunities given by innovative technology and the virtual world. We aim to disseminate principles for sustainable urban development with our interactive and inclusive practices. Our operational and normative tools, methodologies, and digital platforms are user-friendly and impact-oriented to reach the largest amount of people, despite their background, gender, age, belief and abilities.

We seek strategic partnerships, leveraging the success of the flourishing network of public space partners established so far. We treasure our best practices, implemented projects and impacted communities, identifying lessons learnt, key messages and tailored solutions for specific contexts. We welcome any efforts from entities to support and advocate towards a better urban future, starting from public spaces.