Urban-LEDS Project Cities in Action – Update 2014 Promoting Low Emission Urban Development Strategies in Emerging Economies

By on 01/13/2015

Urban LED ProjectsResponding to population growth, climate change, limited global resources and the need for sustainable development, the Urban-LEDS project is a flagship international climate change mitigation project funded by the European Union. It supports rapidly growing cities in four emerging economy countries: Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa. Thirty seven (37) cities from five regions are engaging, sharing, and learning.

Exploring how to engage a wide range of key stakeholders, optimize relevant policy, create necessary structures and processes, and set up teams to plan and drive the low emission development strategy and action plan processes – these are but a few of the activities unfolding in a comprehensive process to embed low emission development into all walks of life, into all sectors of the cities. The local governments involved are discovering how to connect green growth to low carbon development.

Urban-LEDS Project

Urban-LEDS Project: Cities in Action Update 2014 Brochure 3.49 MB 379 downloads
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