Urban low emission development strategies


The Urban low emission development strategies (Urban-LEDS) project, funded by the European Commission, and implemented by UN-Habitat and ICLEI, has the objective of enhancing the transition to low emission urban development in emerging economy countries by offering selected local governments in Brazil, India, Indonesia and South Africa a comprehensive methodological framework (the Green Climate Cities methodology) to integrate low-carbon strategies into all sectors of urban planning and development.

Activities, approaches and tools

Capacity building
  • Offer tailor-made training to local government

  • Organise study tours

  • Offer workshops and webinars

Resources and tools
  • ICLEI’s Green Climate Cities methodology, guidance and tools – Find out more

  • HEAT+ greenhouse gas emissions quantification and monitoring software – Find out more

  • Global reporting platform, the Carbon Cities Climate Registry (CCCR) – Find out more


Promoting Urban Low Emission Development Strategies (Urban LEDS) is currently under way in the following countries:

Technical and financial solutions
  • Access to the Urban-LEDS pool of experts

  • Access to the Solutions Gateway for guidance on LED options

Global networking
  • Establish South-South-North exchanges among project cities

  • Link to the LEDS Global Partnership – find out more

  • Create the Urban-LEDS global network – find out more

  • Encourage integration of local action in the new global climate regime

  • Launch the Local Government Climate Roadmap – find out more

  • Ensure appropriate verification processes are established (MRV – Measurable, Reportable, Verifiable)


Find out more on the website of the the Urban-LEDS project

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