Safer Cities Programme

Safer-Cities-Poster-colorUN-Habitat’s Safer Cities Programme was launched in 1996 at the request of African Mayors seeking to tackle urban crime and violence in their cities. To date UN-Habitat has supported initiatives in 77 cities in 24 countries worldwide. The Safer Cities Programme has evolved over time as knowledge on the drivers of urban insecurity has been gained and approaches to addressing it have been refined.

Today the Programme embraces a holistic, integrated, multi-level government and multi-sectoral approach to improving the livability of cities and quality of life for all urban residents, predicated on the confidence that good urban governance, planning and management can improve the safety of neighborhoods.

The urban crime prevention approach

The multi-dimensional approach to urban safety

Enhancing safety through planning, management and governance
Local authorities and safer cities

Reviewing the State of Safety in World Cities Conference

To get involved with the Safer Cities Programme, see the Global Network on Safer Cities Contact

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