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    Cities and Climate Change Academy

    Climate Change Academy

    Flooding of buildings near the Ping River in Thailand © Shutterstock.

    Educational modules for the Curricula of Universities, Higher Education and Training Institutions on Climate Change in Urban Areas These modules provide an overview of theory and concepts of climate change including mitigation, adaptation, risk and vulnerability, and demonstrate how climate change is a key issue in urban areas. Climate change education is needed to address the challenges of climate change and universities play an important role in transferring knowledge The modules show how cities are both affected by and contribute to climate change and how planning for climate change is essential. The project was supported by funding from the Government of Norway. The modules were developed under the Habitat UNI, the UN-Habitat partnership with universities globally. The Cities and Climate Change Academy is one of the components of the Cities and Climate Change Initiative. The developers of the modules were organized in consortia of universities that collaborated intensively in the development of the modules

    Objective of the Modules

    How to use the Modules
    Module 1: Theory and Concepts of Climate Change and Cities
    Module 2: The Practice of Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
    Module 3: Planning for Climate Change
    Module 4: Climate Change and Urban Water Cycle Management
    Module 5: Climate Change and Urban Energy
    Module 6: Climate Change and Urban Mobility
    Module 7: Climate Change and Shelter & Housing
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