Urban Basic Services Portfolio , Annual report 2012

By on 03/13/2014

image021With poverty eradication, environmental sustainability, and sustainable consumption and production as the over-arching development goals, UN-Habitat – the United Nations Human Settlements agency – believes that urban areas are an asset and a solution, and that the urbanization process can be steered and shaped. UN-Habitat is committed to working towards promoting an urban paradigm shift for creating cities where economies of agglomeration and scale are maximized, collective interest prevails, transport and service delivery costs are minimized, use of land is optimized and open spaces are protected and better organized. The Annual Report for 2012 lists the initiatives undertaken, outputs, lessons learned, best practices introduced as well as the challenges in the coming period.

HS Number: 061/13E

Series Title: – Not available –

Pages: 80

Year: 2013

Publisher: UN-HABITAT

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