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UN‐Habitat Programme Accountability Framework

By on 09/15/2015

As a programme of the United Nations Secretariat, UN‐Habitat is governed by the UN Secretariat Accountability system. This programme accountability framework is meant to be specific to UNHabitat and complement the UN Secretariat system.

The purpose of this accountability framework is to ensure good governance, consider relevant leading practices, create the necessary environment of accountability and transparency in UNHabitat, and guarantee that UN‐Habitat business operations are carried out effectively through continuous improvement. The UN‐Habitat accountability framework is intended to foster a strong culture of accountability across the Organization.

Each UN‐Habitat staff member is expected to exercise his or her responsibility and functions in accordance with the principles set down in this framework. This framework is effective from 1 July 2015.

UN‐ Habitat Programme Accountability Framework

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