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UN-Habitat Biennial Report on Evaluation 2012-2013 (3/2014)

By on 11/05/2014

BiennialReportThis biennial report on evaluation intends to provide UN-Habitat management, the Committee of Permanent Representatives (CPR), the donors and the Evaluation Unit with an evaluative assessment of the performance of evaluation function and quality of its products in the 2012-2013 biennium. Its main purpose is to help UN-Habitat to reflect on its evaluation function performance and inform decisions to further strengthen the evaluation function.

As such the report is meant to provide accountability for the evaluation function, promote learning from evaluations and to encourage improvement and overall performance of UN-Habitat. The report will also serve as an input to the Secretary-General’s report to the General Assembly on strengthening the role of evaluation and the application of evaluation findings on programme design, delivery and policy directives.

UN-Habitat Biennial Report on Evaluation 2012-2013 (3/2014)

UN-Habitat Biennial Report on Evaluation 2012-2013 (3/2014) 195.63 KB 528 downloads



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