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      Nous, membres d’UNACLA, en tant que représentants des gouvernements locaux et régionaux du monde et de leurs réseaux, réunis à Quito (Equateur) à l’occasion de la Deuxième Assemblée Mondiale des Gouvernements Locaux et Régionaux, souhaitons exprimer notre...

      • Posted November 8, 2016
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    • Delaración De Quito – UNACLA

      Nosotros, los miembros del UNACLA, como representantes de los gobiernos locales y regionales del mundo y de sus redes y reunidos en Quito (Ecuador), en ocasión de la Segunda Asamblea mundial de gobiernos locales y regionales, deseamos expresar nuestro...

      • Posted November 2, 2016
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    • UNACLA Quito Declaration

      We, members of the UNACLA, as representatives of the world local and regional governments and their networks; gathered in Quito (Ecuador) in occasion of the Second World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments would like to express our commitment...

      • Posted November 2, 2016
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    • UNACLA statement on Habitat III Zero Draft. Endorsed by UNACLA members in New York, 15th May 2016

      We, Members of the UNACLA, praise the current proposals coming from the Habitat III Zero draft outcome document released in May, which includes many of our constituency’s recommendations, drawn up through the Global Taskforce of local and...

      • Posted July 19, 2016
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    • JOB CREATION AND LOCAL PRODUCTIVITY REPORT, 2012/2013. United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA)

      This illustrated report not only aims to provide elected officials and decision makers with insight into the root causes of unemployment, but furthermore to suggest effective tools and recommendations for restoring a productive economy. The report contains...

      • Posted September 4, 2014
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    • United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities (UNACLA)

      UNACLA was established by the Governing Council Resolution 17/18 of 1999 as an advisory body that would serve the purpose of strengthening the dialogue of the UN System with local authorities from all over the world involved...

      • Posted July 21, 2014
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