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South Sudan


Street scene in Juba, capital of South Sudan. © Shutterstock

  • Total value of UN-Habitat investments (2008-2013): US$ 6,539,531
  • Total number of UN-Habitat projects (2008-2013): 5 projects
  • Donors: UNDP, Canada (DFAIT/START), UNHCR Sudan, Japan, UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS), UN-Habitat Emergency Response Fund
  • Implementing Partners: UNHCR Sudan
General information

Capital: Juba

Major cities:  Malakal, Wau, Pajok, Yei, Yambio, Aweil, Gogrial, Rumbek, Bor

  • Population: 10.84 Million
  • GDP: US$10.22 Billion
  • GDP growth: -47.6%
  • Urban population (annual %): 18%
  • Population growth rate (average annual %): 4.3%

 Source: World Bank 2012

UN-Habitat projects in South Sudan

• Capacity Building for Land and Conflict Management in Southern Sudan
To contribute to the more effective management of land-related disputes and conflicts in South Sudan.  The programme will focus on critical interventions that will strengthen the capacity of key institutions to mitigate the risks of land-related disputes leading to conflict and to enable them to more effectively manage land disputes.

Housing and Livelihood Support for Returnees in South Sudan
Participatory settlement planning is applied in selected areas of the 3 targeted States where returnees will be settled, in support of their reintegration and of a slum upgrading/prevention effort. Basic housing units and urban services are provided, targeting the most vulnerable returnees in urban expansion areas. Trainings to returnees are delivered in low-cost and environmental-friendly SSB construction technology and they are engaged on construction activities to support their sustainable livelihoods.

Quick Impact Project: Urban Water and Sanitation Project (UNMISS)

Support to Sustainable reintegration of returnees in South Sudan
To address immediate housing needs of displaced families after the revolution in Libya and assisting the ministry of housing with a short and medium term housing policy and technical support.

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