Request for Proposal for Baseline Assessment – UN-Habitat/ Youth Political Empowerment Programme/RFQ/18/08/001- Deadline 4 September 2018

By on 08/09/2018

Regional Office for Africa
Somalia Programme

Date: 7th August 2018

Reference: UNHabitat/ Youth Political Empowerment Programme/RFQ/18/08/001;

Subject: Request for Proposal for Baseline Assessment.

UNHabitat requests your company to submit a proposal for provision of services to carry out the Baseline Assessment on the Youth Empowerment Programme as further described in the Terms of Reference attached to this letter (Annex 1).

The conditions set out in the UNHabitat Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Services, as well as any other conditions contained in or enclosed with this letter, will become part of any contract concluded with the successful bidder. If your offer is accepted, you will receive a formal Purchase Order.

UNHabitat reserves the right to accept or reject any proposals, and to cancel the bid process and reject all proposals at any time prior to award of Purchase Order or Contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Contractor/s or any obligation to inform the affected Contractor/s of the ground for the UNHabitat’s action.

1. Eligible Contractor

The eligible contractors that are determined for the award shall be those selected through the bidding process. To qualify for award of the Contract, contractors shall meet the following mandatory minimum qualifying criteria. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. UN-Habitat is an equal opportunity employer. Each application should include the following: –

• Cover letter with the applicant’s current contact information. The letter should be no longer than two pages;
• Proposal for the consultancy assignment with methodology and a detailed budget; addressing the selection criteria including how the candidate’s previous experience matches the consultancy objectives as well as their interest for the position;
• Company or the bidding firms profile for review;
• CVs of consultants (including detailed work experience, education/degrees, and details of similar assignments);
• Professional References (minimum of three, with complete contact information);
• Samples or examples of recently undertaken – similar assignments.

Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

2. Requirements

When responding this RFQ the following documents shall constitute:

(a) At least five years of hands on experience in conducting assessments, midterm reviews and evaluations;
(b) Experience leading project evaluations/mid-term reviews is essential;
(c) Must have profound knowledge in economic analysis of peacebuilding/development projects;
(d) Ability to assess/review critically the project activities and results;
(e) Good knowledge and experience in survey design, implementation of surveys and statistical data analysis is required;
(f) Experience in the use of participatory appraisal techniques in data collection;
(g) Previous work experience in Somalia and knowledge of Somali culture is essential.

3. Rejection of Quotations
Quotation can be rejected for the following reasons:
a) The Quotation is not presented in accordance with this General Instruction
b) The Quotation form or any document which forms part of the quotation document is not signed
c) The Contractor is currently under list of UN blacklisted Contractors
d) The Contractor offer imposes certain basic conditions unacceptable to UN-Habitat
e) The offered price is above the approved budget


For your submission to be eligible for consideration, the UNHabitat must receive your bid, stamped with the official seal of your company, on or before 05.00PM Tuesday, 4 September 2018. We would appreciate receiving your quotation by email addressed to

Offers received after the deadline specified above will not be considered. UNHabitat reserves the right to extend the deadline for the submission offers. In such an event, UNHabitat will inform all potential bidders in writing of the terms and duration of the extension.

In the email subject, please quote reference number: UNHabitat/ Youth Political Empowerment Programme/RFQ/18/08/001

Thank you for your cooperation.

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