Housing for Veterans for Sustainable Peace and Development project was designed to address the issue of homelessness of the war veterans through housing assistance to reintegrate them into the community for civil life and national unity of South Sudan. Wau and Juba are homes for regional military camps which resulted in a significant number of war veterans living among their populations without being properly housed and on the verge of destitution due to lack of livelihood opportunities. Houses for sixty veterans were constructed in Wau using the ‘Peoples’ process” where beneficiaries contributed in various ways to construct their houses.

war veterans were provided with peace of land, a singled roomed house, and latrine.
war veterans and host community members were trained in construction skills like masonry, and carpentry during the construction process.
host community members supplied materials for construction of the houses. This generated income and there led to improved livelihood.

Donors and partners

The success of Housing for Veterans for Sustainable Peace and Development depended on a strong partnership with local authorities, local non-governmental organizations, and host communities. UN-Habitat implemented the ‘Housing for Veterans for Sustainable Peace and Development in South Sudan’ through building strong partnerships with government authorities (both national and state governments) as well as communities. UN-Habitat mobilized local partners who in turn mobilized war veterans and host community to participate at the construction of the houses.

Hope Agency for Relief and Development (HARD)
Jur River Development Community
Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Planning
Wau State Ministry of Physical Infrastructure.

Our Experts

James Wani
WUF 10