In 2003 UN-Habitat in partnership with local governments developed the One Stop Youth Resources Center programme. Since that time One Stops have been established across Africa, the latest being in Kismayo and Mogadishu, Somalia and Juba, South Sudan. The main objective of the One Stops is to establish a safe and generative public space that provides services such as employment and entrepreneurship training, access to health and recreation services, and a place to organize and make a positive impact on communities. To date the One Stop centres have serviced over 300,000 youth, with plans to expand to 10 more cities in the next 5 years.

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One Stop Centres have serviced over
300,000 youth
with plans to expand to 10 more cities

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Leaving no one and no place behind

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Some young people were denied jobs, education and were not involved in decision making. Through trainings and social interactions, Young people have learned and exercised these rights and could acquire education, jobs and start-up businesses as well as participate in decision making.

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In social set ups, some youth have been marginalized because of their gender, which has led to unemployment, lack of education, inaccessibility to social amenities among others.  The One Stops have provided a safe space where these youth have been included and further integrated into society with employability skills, entrepreneurial skills and trainings that have equipped them with social inclusion skills

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Children, Youth and the Elderly have been for a long time left out in the decision-making processes and they are not well represented in the many major governing bodies. One Stops have bridged the gap between the Youth and the local governments and t provided them a platform where they can safely air their views and ideas and have them heard and considered by Local governments.

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Many disabled youth lack education and employment. One Stop Youth Centres, offer opportunities for these youths to access trainings and employability skills.

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Donors and partners

The success of One Stop Youth Centres is dependent on successful partnerships with local authorities and private sector. Through the programme, UN-Habitat identifies and mobilises diverse local partners who can contribute to youth empowerment.