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Urban Planning and Design Branch


Example of mixed land use. © UN-Habitat

The Urban Planning and Design Branch supports governments and local authorities with tested approaches, guidelines, and tools to plan the growth of cities in an inclusive, sustainable, and future-proof way, in tune with social, cultural, economic, and environmental concerns and particularities.

Efforts focus on making cities more liveable, productive, and inclusive through proper planning and design. This includes optimizing the population and economic density of urban settlements and promoting mixed land use, diversity, and better connectivity. It also encompasses social inclusion and gender balance, as well as ensuring that planning and design contribute to the development of more efficient, greener, and cleaner cities able to cope with the consequences of climate change.

Head: Shipra Narang-Suri
  • Regional and Metropolitan Planning Unit (RMPU)
  • City Planning, Extension and Design Unit (CPEDU)
  • Climate Change Planning unit (CCPU)
Programmes, initiatives & networks:
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